Serving all of New England, We Frame It .com, of Billerica, MA, is your best Choice for all of your Custom Picture Framing Needs.  We Frame It will custom frame your pictures, prints, oil paintings, cross stitch, sports memorabilia, posters, wedding pictures, and just about anything else.  You Name It, We Frame It !!!!  We Frame It offers top quality products including acid free mats from; Bainbridge and Crescent, as well as wood and metal mouldings from Neilsen, Decor, Don Mar, and Arquati.  All of our work is 100% Guaranteed for LIFE.

You Name It , We Frame It
Celebrating Specialty Framing Excellence Since 1988  !!!

What Is Custom Picture Framing ??

Angel Needlework on Linen
(Custom Cathedral Frame)

If You've Never Had an Item Custom Framed, And/Or
Never Heard of Custom Picture Framing, This Page Will
Attempt to Explain to You the Advantages of Framing
Your Item(s) Correctly.  The Most Popular Reasons for
Having Your Item(s) Custom Framed Are As Follows !!

The Number One Reason to Have Something Custom
Framed is to Preserve The Item For The Long Term.
In Addition to Being Asthetically Superior, The Custom
Framing Process Involves Using the Best Museum Quality
Products Available. These State of The Art Products
are Specifically Designed To Virtually Stop The Aging
Proccess.  If Framed Properly, In 100 Years Time Your
Item(s) Will Look As Good As The Day You Had Them
Custom Framed.

Number Two, Most Items That You Really Want To Hang On
Your Walls Are of Unique Shape, Dimmension, and/or Origin.
You will find it Nearly Impossible to Attain Your Desired
Result by Shopping for Frames at Your Local Retail Store.
These Stores Typically Offer Picture Frames of Standard Size/
Depth, Pre-Cut Matts that don't Really Fit Your Item, Acid
Filled Cardboard Backings, and A General Feeling of Confusion.

Number Three, A Quality Custom Picture Framer
Will Take The Time to Explain Your Options, Weigh
The Pro's and Con's of Each Proccess/Option, Assess
Your Desired Result, and Provide You With The Most
Cost Effective Solution to Achieve That Result.

At We Frame It, we use only acid free products.
Acid free means that your picture framing is now
preserved as is.  The colored borders (mats)
that we place around your items, as well as the
backings we use, are all museum quality archival
picture framing products.  These products are state of
the art, and are designed to prevent aging processes !

If you have had your precious items framed by one
of our competitors, feel free to bring them by our
shop for an acid free evaluation.  We will be happy
to take a look and, if necessary, provide you with
expert advice as to what may be done to better
preserve your memories for generations to come !

We Frame It uses only top quality acid free picture framing products !

ALL OUR WORK IS 100% GUARANTEED FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


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