Serving all of New England, We Frame It .com, of Billerica, MA, is your best Choice for all of your Custom Picture Framing Needs.  We Frame It will custom frame your pictures, prints, oil paintings, cross stitch, sports memorabilia, posters, wedding pictures, and just about anything else.  You Name It, We Frame It !!!!  We Frame It offers top quality products including acid free mats from; Bainbridge and Crescent, as well as wood and metal mouldings from Neilsen, Decor, Don Mar, and Arquati.  All of our work is 100% Guaranteed for LIFE.

You Name It , We Frame It
Celebrating Specialty Framing Excellence Since 1988  !!!

How To Choose The Correct Type Of Glass !!

Many people are confused about what type of glass to use
on thier Custom Picture Framing Project.  The fact is that
this decision can be easilly made by answering a few
simple questions.  Here they are.....
Here they are.....
Will your framing project be exposed to direct sunlight ?      
Will your framing project be hung in a room that is typically very well lit ?      
Will your frame be hung in a room where children are typically unsupervised ?      
Does your framing project contain mostly dark colors ?      
Is the final size of your framing project larger that 32" X 40" ?      
Do you plan to ship your framing project via UPS, FEDEX, etc. ?      

Advantages Of Plexi Compared To Glass
  • 3 mm Plexi is about 50% Lighter Than Glass. 
  • Plexi Offers considerable UV Protection Properties and Provides some Conservation Protection to Mats and Images. 
  • Plexi Is much Less Expensive than Glass with Simmilar UV Protection Properties. 
  • Plexi is Much Easier to Transport than Glass. 
  • Due to it's Light Weight and Shatter Resistant Properties, Plexi is Much Safer to Hang, especially if you have Young Children in your Home.
Disadvantages Of Plexi Compared To Glass
  • 3 mm Plexi is Twice as Expensive as Glass. 
  • Plexi is Prone to Scratching if not used properly. 
  • Plexi is somewhat more Difficult to Clean.  Due to the properties of Plexi, you shoud clean it with a VERY SOFT CLOTH and WATER.  Never use Glass Cleaner or any other cleaning agents..  They will eventually make the Plexi cloudy.


If you have had your precious items framed by one
of our competitors, feel free to bring them by our
shop for an acid free evaluation.  We will be happy
to take a look and, if necessary, provide you with
expert advice as to what may be done to better
preserve your memories for generations to come.

We Frame It uses only top quality acid free picture framing products !

ALL OUR WORK IS 100% GUARANTEED FOR LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


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